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🎄 Original 🎄

Unlock the first secret of Santa’s stash – our beloved Original flavor. Smooth, velvety, and infused with holiday cheer, it’s the timeless taste that has made Santa’s nice list for centuries. Whether you’re baking festive treats or just sneaking a spoonful in the middle of the night, this classic flavor is a timeless delight. 🤫🥥🎁

🌿 Mint Chocolate 🍫

Venture deeper into Santa’s stash of minty, chocolately magic. The blend of rich cocoa and cool mint will have you under its spell from the very first taste. Spread it on warm cookies or stir it into your cocoa for a holiday treat that’s nothing short of enchanting.

<span data-metadata=""><span data-buffer="">🍫 Brownie 🍫

Oh, the joy of Merry Brownie Bliss! Indulge in the decadence of rich cocoa, reminiscent of the most delightful holiday treats, dancing harmoniously with the velvety goodness of coconut. It’s a flavor adventure that will make your taste buds tango with delight!

🍂 Cinnamon Toast 🍞

The grand finale of Santa’s Secret Coconut Stash is Cinnamon Toast. Indulge in the aromatic wonder of Toasty Cinnamon Spectacle, a flavor that brings back memories of crackling fireplaces and cozy gatherings. It’s the taste of cinnamon toast reimagined with a tropical twist, a delightful surprise that will leave you craving for more.