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Hey! We’re Kokada…

We started our business in 2020 because we were tired of refined sugar laden nut butters, spreads, and snacks everywhere. We wanted an organic snack that didn’t sacrifice flavor for health. We wanted a snack that we should share with everyone, from our kids going to school to our vegan and refined sugar free friends.

We started this business to prove that high quality, health and socially conscious products that everyone can enjoy can and should exist. All of our products are peanut free, vegan, gluten free, organic, and made with simple ingredients that you can understand! As a woman owned, minority owned company, we strive to bring inclusive snacks to the table for everyone to enjoy!


1. Healthy, delicious snacks for all.

We create snacks that are refined sugar free, peanut free, and vegan so as many people as possible can enjoy! When more have access to healthy, delicious snacks, there is more opportunity to connect with others!

2. Real food is the best food.

Our organic products are created with simple ingredients that you can easily understand. We source this in the most price conscious way possible so as many people as possible can partake!

3. Business can and should give back.

A non-negotiable. Businesses of all sizes can and should find a way to give back. That could be in a variety of ways. We give back by donating 2% of our profit to ensure transparent supply chain with fair, living wages for all from our source all the way to your kitchen.


Kokada Founder & CEO

Breanna’s lifelong dream was to play sports at the highest level. She went on to play volleyball in college, where she met and fell in love with Jared, and on the national team level. Throughout her international travels through sport and work, she went out of her way to find sweet, “not too unhealthy” snacks that would satisfy her cravings but not harm her health. After years of exploring, she started creating coconut spread in her kitchen.

After sharing with coworkers, friends, and family, she realized that coconut spread is one of the most shareable snacks in the world. Vegan, refined sugar free, peanut allergic, and everyone else in between could enjoy Kokada. What she loved most was that Kokada created more opportunity to connect with others.

After years of experimenting, she launched Kokada to share with more people!


Kokada Founder & COO

Jared has always been passionate about fitness, nutrition, and diet. He was fortunate enough to play Division 1 soccer at Duke where he continued to explore the relationship between nutrition and fitness. After graduating, he regularly worked long weeks in his corporate job, making finding and eating healthy and delicious food harder and harder.

Jared’s first job Kokada was as the “Chief Taste Tester” while Breanna was experimenting in the kitchen. Although he was and still claims to be a “coconut hater,” he knew Kokada was going to be an amazing product when he fell in love with Breanna’s first flavor, Kokada Original.

Now as Kokada’s COO, Jared continues to claim in all public forums that he’s a “Kokada Lover and coconut hater”!



Favorite way 
to eat Kokada:

Kokada Brownie on Oatmeal


Favorite way 
to eat Kokada:

Kokada Original on Pretzels


Favorite way 
to eat Kokada:

Kokada Cinnamon Toast on Toast


We partner with SERVE

SERVE is a certified NGO based in Sri Lanka, the community from which we source our ingredients. SERVE is on a mission to provide a better life for those in need through a holistic approach. We partner with SERVE in their mission to help cultivate women owned business, adult education, and in-school and after school support for children.

To learn more about SERVE or to learn about how you can contribute to local community development in Sri Lanka, check them out here!



All ingredients are natural and easily understood by anyone who is reading our label.


Our products are high quality, “better for you” treats that you’ll love time and time again. We’re proving that we can have our sweet cravings without sacrificing health.


We commit to ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is fairly paid.